Like you, most people now look for their realtor on the internet. Many real estate agents tell you they are “number one”, “the best”, “the greatest” and this is why you should hire them.  At Luminous Realty you are “number one”, “the best”, “the greatest”.  It is our honor and pleasure to be of service to you in fulfilling your real estate needs and realizing your relocation dreams.

You are about to make one of the largest financial transactions of your life.  Whether you are a seasoned home buyer or a first time home buyer, you deserve the best.  Below, we will provide information that will be extremely helpful to you.


  1. Your Buyer’s Broker works for you, takes direction from you, informs you thoroughly and is totally on your side.  You will feel our support.  Like any good relationship, you will experience mutual recognition of each other’s value.
  2.  Your interests come first—we are here to serve you.
  3. As expert consultants we know your heart will sing when you find the right home.  We never “sell” you anything.
  4.  We take the time to educate you about the area, point out differences in neighborhoods and homes—assist you to identify exactly what your money will buy.
  5. We are happy to show you properties and want you to have adequate information to make an educated evaluation and choice.
  6. We are experts on negotiating a great price and terms for you and a win-win situation for everyone.
  7. Financing your home?  If so, we will put you in touch with local lenders who can prequalify you and let what you can afford.
  8. We have a 13 year established track record as an Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR).  We are honored to be an integral part of your relocation process.
  9. Your calls and emails will be answered promptly.
  10. Our forty years of entrepreneurial experience adds value to your home buying experience.
  11. We save you time, energy and resources by knowing the market.  We are up to date on market conditions and statistics.
  12. As a 21 year resident of Sedona, we know the area well and can introduce you to the town and the nuances of living in the High Desert.



There is no fee to you, the buyer, for this service.  The Buyer’s Broker is paid from the proceeds of the real estate transaction.


It is important to understand the business relationship you set up once you hire a Buyer’s Broker to represent you.  While the Buyer’s Broker has clear responsibilities to the client, the client also has important responsibilities to the Buyer Broker. Together we will achieve the highest level of success.

Clients looking for property have a great deal of enthusiasm and can innocently create a difficult situation from which buyer and broker cannot easily recover.  You have a Buyer’s Broker working on your behalf—you know it, and everyone else should know it too.

Below are some situations to be aware of in your property search. ONCE I HAVE ENGAGED THE SERVICES OF A BUYER’S BROKER, HOW SHOULD I APPROACH OPEN HOUSES & NEW DEVELOPMENTS: 

Should you visit an Open House or a New Development in the area, you will be greeted by an agent for the seller of the premises.  Good business practice tells us that the agent on site should, but does not always ask you whether you are already working with an agent.  Once you allow  yourself  to be represented by the seller’s agent located at the site of an Open House or New Development  you are in the hands of someone who is working with the best interests of the seller in mind.

Your responsibility is to let the agent on premises know you are already working with Buyer’s Broker.    If you do not, your Buyer’s Broker will be barred from representing your best interests in the transaction. If there is a sign-in sheet, note that you have a Buyer’s Broker and name them.  It is your responsibility to let them know.   If you do not take this step, you instantly become the customer of that other agent.  Your Buyer’s Broker would not be able to represent you in the transaction, negotiation, or other aspects of the sale.  You lose your  rights to the representation of a Buyer’s Broker and you Buyer’s Broker loses a substantial amount of time, money and energy they have put forth on your behalf.


Again, good business practice dictates that the agent will ask you whether you are already working with another broker.  If this does not occur, it is your responsibility to let them know you have engaged the services of a Buyer Broker and let them know who it is.  If you do not do so, the agent will proceed as if you are a client of theirs and may take a position of procuring cause—effectively eliminating your Buyer’s Broker from working on your behalf.


Our Concierge Services puts you in touch with the best home inspectors, title officers, home repair providers—contact information for area utilities and much more.  In short, we take care of everything from locating the home that makes your heart sing to the day you move in—and beyond.   Our Concierge Service takes you from point of sale to close of escrow and beyond, seamlessly.


At Luminous Realty, Luxury Real Estate is our specialty. Luxury Real Estate in Sedona, the Verde Valley and Phoenix/Scottsdale is a specialized field requiring specialized education.   Knowing what delineates the good, better and best in the marketplace and in specific areas—locations, building materials, finishes, views—is the beginning.  We are members of the Sedona Luxury Real Estate Professionals for the past ten years which has added to our education and awareness of the luxury home marketplace in Sedona and beyond.


In a brisk market, we want to be able to act quickly—there are other buyers on the hunt.  We set you up to win.  Here is a basic step by step guide to what you can expect when buying a home in Arizona:

  1.   Determine how you will buy the home:
    1.   Cash?  Great, we will need proof of funds to include with any offer we submit.
    2.   Financing?  We will put you in touch with lenders who will work with you to determine    what your money will buy, interest rates and terms.  We will need a form from the lender indicating they have spoken with you and you are qualified to purchase a home – and the general amount of home purchase.  We need this form to include with any offer we present.
    3.  We meet with you and get a good idea of what you would like in a home—square footage, price range, amenities and preferred areas.  Whether you are looking for a second home in Sedona, a condo or townhome , Sedona Luxury Real Estate, vacant land in Sedona/Verde Valley any other type of property, we have our hand on the pulse of the market and know where to find the best of the best.
    4. Education—an ongoing process from the moment we meet.  Most of our buyers come from outside the area and there is a lot to learn about high desert living, Sedona real estate, Sedona Luxury Properties and more.  We take the time to answer questions and provide information about the area and areas within the area.
    5. Shopping for properties—Now it’s time to look at some of the Sedona or Verde Valley Real Estate that interests you.  We will select properties based on your criteria.  In our Sedona Real Estate office you will be able to see each property on the internet with us and decide which ones are of interest.  Being familiar with the inventory, we can tell you any nuances or specific information about a property before visiting it.
    6. You walk into a house and your heart sings!  This is the one.  We take as much time as you like at the property and make a list of any additional questions you might have that we cannot answer in the moment.
    7. We return to the office and write the offer to submit to the seller.  We are well prepared with you financial information.   The documents are prepared and sent to the seller’s agent.
    8. We receive a response from the seller – there could be full agreement or we might see a change in terms or price (counter offer).  We may accept the counter or counter again.  This continues until both buyer and seller are in agreement as to price and terms of sale.
    9. We will have an inspection period as per the contract.  During that time you will hire a home inspector (we help you with this) to thoroughly go over the property and point out any problems or maintenance issues. The inspector will issue a full written report with photos of any problem areas.   If there is any need for bids for repairs, we assist in getting those estimates for you.
    10. After you review the inspection report(s) we write a form called Buyer’s Inspection Notice Sellers Response (BINSR).  On this form you will indicate any repairs you would like the seller to take care of.  The seller has five days to respond to your request.  This again, is a negotiation.  Once buyer and seller have come to agreement, we have a deal.
    11. Your documents will be sent to the title company who handles closings in Arizona.  We do not use attorneys to close escrow.  Title documents and other relevant closing forms will be delivered to you from the title company.
    12. Three days prior to close of escrow you will send wired funds or certified check to the title company in the amount indicated in the purchase contract.
    13. Closings generally take place electronically, there is no need to appear.
    14. Close of Escrow!  The sale will be recorded by the title company and you are the new owner of the home.
    15. We assist you to find excellent movers, maintenance people, interior decorators, repairmen—whatever you need to have a graceful and easy transition into your new home.
    16. Now you are settled in.  We are here to assist with your ongoing home needs.  Consider us a resource and friend.  We will stay in touch with you!



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