Sacred Eagle Rock, Sedona AZ
Grand Canyon
Tlaquepaque in Sedona
Red Rock Crossing - Sedona
Views of Sedona from Hwy. 89A in Cottonwood AZ
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You… The Buyer

Like you, most people now look for their realtor on the internet. Many real estate agents tell you they are “number one”, “the best”, “the greatest” and this is why you should hire them.  At Luminous Realty you are “number one”, “the best”, “the greatest”.  It is our honor and pleasure to be of service to you in fulfilling your real estate needs and realizing your relocation dreams.

You are about to make one of the largest financial transactions of your life.  Whether you are a seasoned home buyer or a first time home buyer, you deserve the best.  Below, we will provide information that will be extremely helpful to you.


  1. Your Buyer’s Broker works for you, takes direction from you, informs you thoroughly and is totally on read more…

Home Ownership Matters

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You… The Seller

Selling your home is a process that requires attention to many details.  Most home sellers have one prominent concern—What is My Home Worth in the Marketplace Today?  We will address that further down in this article—let’s begin at the beginning:


Ask yourself if you are truly ready to let go of your home, the memories it holds and your attachment to it.  It will be necessary to remove all emotion from the equation.  Once you decide to put your home up for sale it becomes a marketable commodity.  Your task is to allow potential buyers to see your home as their potential home, not yours.  If you do not consciously make a decision to let go, a situation may be created where it takes your home much longer to sell. (more…)


“Thank you Luminous! You did it again! We wish we could find someone as professional as you are here where we live. You got us exactly what we wanted when we came to you as buyers – now, you have outdone yourself representing us as sellers in the marketplace. We would gladly recommend you to anyone as a trusted professional. Our experience felt more like fun and pleasure than business”. B & K, Michigan (2nd home buyers/investors)

“So far, we have purchased two Sedona properties and sold one with Luminous acting as our agent.  Our interactions with her and her staff were easy, responsive and professional.  She took all the time we desired to educate us on the real estate market in an area we were unfamiliar with and showed us scores of properties on subsequent visits.  We enjoy knowing her and feeling taken care of by her and her in all our real estate needs.”  J&D F Indiana, USA

“As an investor, new to the real estate market, I have had an enjoyable and profitable experience with Luminous as my guide”.  DF Chicago USA

“I have always been pleasantly surprised at the high level of service and responsiveness I receive from Luminous and her staff.  They go out of their way to be sure my questions are answered and I remain well informed.   I feel I can trust my transactions to her – so far, we have done six transactions together.  AJP, Danville Ca.

“After knowing Luminous for a short time, we were certain all our real estate needs would be met and we would be able to achieve our goals in selling our very unique property.  We were right!”  E.F.  Sedona, AZ

“I came to Sedona to find investment property and was shown a full array of options.  My purchase has been fruitful.  I referred two of my friends and they have purchased too.  We all look forward to visiting Sedona and seeing what Luminous has to show us.”  JT, Los Angeles, CA

“I have been a Realtor, Investor, and Developer and have known Luminous for many years.  She continues to find me great opportunities in the Sedona Area and I continue to visit every few months.  My purchases and sales through her have been very successful.  I have  recommended her to my friends and relatives.”  PWS, Ft. Lauderdale, FLA

“I am the kind of buyer who takes a while to decide.  Luminous had great patience with me on my return visits to Sedona.  Eventually, we found a house that was beyond my expectations.  I have just purchased an investment property with her help and I am excited about the future.”  SA, Sedona, AZ

“When I met Luminous I had given up on finding what I wanted in my price range.  She was persistent in tracking new listings until one day I got a call from her saying she thought she found my house.  She was right!   Not only was it exactly where I wanted to be, the home had more than I imagined I would ever be able to afford.  I still live there, happily ever after”.  JM, Sedona, AZ

“I was visiting a friend in Sedona who introduced me to Luminous and we began to search for a property I could use as a rental, and eventually a second home.  We were successful in finding something I could feel really good about.   I am now preparing to make another investment and Luminous will always be my choice.  We have fun together.”  AH, Chicago, USA

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